Our Cottages

Our Cottages

Vimoksha Resorts

Your Mountain Cottage at Vimoksha

Each of our 2 and 3 bedroom cottages are very tastefully furnished; bedrooms having attached baths, along with a separate living/dining area, a terrace opening up to the valley below, afully operational kitchen, and a private sit out garden.

Meals are prepared for our guests in the kitchen itself by a dedicated chef/assistant and served in the dining area. If you feel the occasion calls for a celebration,arrangements can be made for an open-air Barbecue dinner.

Being city folks ourselves, like many dreamers, we too had often dreamt of that idyllic mountain cottage, high up in the Himalayas, visualizing white smoke rising from the chimney. Naturally, we understand, and can feel your inner desire, how you yearn to unwind – to break away from the daily city-grind, juggling between work, life and traffic.

At Vimoksha, we ensure an all round mix of physicality, spirituality and serenity – a healing touch to soothen your body, mind and soul.